Friday, March 10

Odloman Cave in Negros Oriental


The 8,870 meters long Odloman Cave is located at Negros Oriental and is measured to have a vertical range of 82 meters. It has large galleries, many small corridors, active streams and interesting obstacles. As per the record, it is the second longest cave system in the Philippines.  -

Odloman – at 8,870 meters, went on record as the second longest cave system in the Philippines. Accessed by rappelling through a hole in the ceiling or by swimming 20 meters across an underground river, Odloman has large galleries, many narrow corridors, active streams and more than enough difficult obstacles to lure extreme cavers.

Odloman cave is located at Negros Oriental, considered as the longest cave in the Philippines that measures 8,870 meters long and has a vertical range of 82 meters. The cave can be accessed by rappelling down through a big hole or swimming about 20 meters across its underground river.